Our first Blog post!

Welcome to TinkerGen’s Blog

What kind of posts do we plan on sharing?

  • STEM education projects
  • News about our events & community
  • Product development updates
  • Tips & Ideas for improving STEM education in your classroom or lounge room

We’re keen to hear you comments, feedback and suggestions. You can tells us your ideas through commenting on a post, but why not also connect with us on social media! Tell us what you’d like to see in the next post!

In this first post, we’d like to introduce ourselves:

Our mission is STEM made Simple! We believe that helping kids to develop STEM skills is really beneficial for their future, and also a proven way to bridge the privilege gap that unfortunately exists in our society today. We work towards this goal by combining advanced technology with education, providing relevant, fun inducing hardware educational tools and course content (K12). To date, TinkerGen’s products and project based course content has reached more than 40 countries encompassing 2000 schools and learning centers.

TinkerGen is a STEM Ed company which grew from an open source hardware manufacturer in Shenzhen, so we know our tech, but we’re here to serve the education community, making the process for educators convenient, so kids can quickly get to the fun mind expanding bits of tinkering and creating!

Help us bring fun and future-proof skills into the lives of more children around the world! To learn more about us please visit tinkergen.com

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