TinkerGen Ambassadors Callout

Hey you! Yes you, we’re inviting you to join us as a leader in our community!

Are you a STEM zealot? Whether you’re a parent with a knack for getting your kids involved in learning with DIY tools or an experienced STEM educator who regularly teaches classes we would love your perspective.

Here are some perks our Ambassadors will enjoy.

  • We will send you product samples that you will be able to continue to use and keep.
  • As a TinkerGen VIP, you’ll be treated to a permanent store-wide discount
  • Pre-release insights into our product development, and the opportunity to influence STEM tools for the better through your valuable experience.

Express your interest for becoming a TinkerGen Ambassador in the form here.

Do you want to be the first to test a new product? Gain insights into our product development process?

Are you frustrated with some of the STEM tools available, the way information is presented or communicated? Wish you could be influential in their improvement?

We are looking for people with a keen interest in education, edtech, particularly robotics and coding education. We continually improve our tools and resources to serve the STEM community. But we also want to involve the community in our development.

This is where you come in…

Here are a few examples of how you could get involved:

  • Test a new product
    • If it’s a early release item, give us feedback on how we can improve it, try and hack it, tell us where it is lacking and where it performs.
  • Have fun making projects
    • Think outside the square and make a project with our kits that we’ve never thought of before. We love seeing different applications!
    • You may engage with a certain demographic you can make special projects for including but not limited to girls, senior learners, people with different-abilities
  • Localisation:
    • Work with us to make our tools suitable for your community such as creating or translating course materials or graphical programming software

You probably have some ideas too, we’d love to hear them & get to know you better. Feel free to contact us on social media and finally please express your interest for becoming a TinkerGen Ambassador in the form here.

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