Make A Robot Kit – Kickstarter Rewards Preview

BLOG UPDATE JULY: Kickstarter Campaign Successful, Order yours on our shop

BLOG UPDATE MAY: Kickstarter Campaign Now Live – Claim your reward today!

In gearing up for our Kickstarter Campaign here is an overview of the rewards that will be available! If you want a what’s in the box explanation of Make A Robot Kit & as well as extension packs, there is a separate blog post here.

Automation & AI is going to deeply impact the workforce, and most parents & educators know the importance of STEM skills in the next generation. But there aren’t many accesible tools to develop interest in AI and machine learning. That’s why TinkerGen developed Make A Robot Kit, aka MARK. MARK transforms AI education to be hands on, and project application based.

You could deploy a self driving car which obeys street signs & avoids collisions, find your pet cat & feed it a treat, train a custom model to recognize different house plants and drive MARK to the plant’s location… with computer vision, the applications are endless.


Available for the first 24 hours ONLY! So head to & get one before they run out!

Go and click this button at kickstarter

Those of you reading this blog before our launch, this ridiculously low priced SUPER EARLY BIRD deal is for you!

Available for the first 7 days! EARLY BIRD gets the MARK, or gets recognized by MARK – since it’s an object that can be detected by our included pre-trained models.
1 x Make A Robot Kit may look like one box but it is one comprehensive box! See exactly what’s inside here. Don’t forget, all our backers will get online access to PDFs of printable maps, recognition cards & accompanying Machine Learning & Autonomous Driving coursework.

STARTER reward comes with extra recognition cards for purpose based projects like turning MARK into a relatable robot who recognizes zoo animals and gets scared of the bear but runs towards the giraffe, the rest of our rewards come with a Recognition Cards Pack, which add to the cards & accessories already provided in Make A Robot Kit.

We are preparing two in depth coursework sets, one focused on Machine Learning and the other on Autonomous Driving, the SKILL UP reward level is ideal for following these courses and extending your AI applications.

This MAKER level includes the Robotics Extension Pack, with the rubber band slingshot & grabber attachments to bring extra interactive fun into discovering AI.

Have you seen two MARKS in a SUMO battle? The DUEL reward gets you two MARKS which is perfect if you have competitive friends or family members. Have a friend who keeps talking about technology but hasn’t actually made anything themselves? Why not get this kit for you and your friend and see who has the upper hand after a robot war.

Now we get to the educator packs for those who are really serious about bringing quality hands-on AI learning to their classrooms or training facilities. Watch our behind the scenes video to meet our team & see the passion we have for creating transformative educational tools like MARK.

Rewards Summary

That’s it! Check it out on Kickstarter.

To learn more about MARK, explore our blog under the category Make A Robot Kit.

To receive the latest updates about Make A Robot Kit follow us on social media or email us here.

Let us know what you think about the rewards!

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