Glint, a programmable bracelet for STEM education

Glint is an upcoming product from TinkerGen Education. It is a wearable bracelet that allows creating projects with a lot of interactivity for young students, who are just starting out with graphical programming.
Its interactive interface consists of 12 programmable RGB LEDs, a push button in the center and built-in accelerometer. Behind the simple, yet elegant appearance of Glint, there is a wealth of projects that can be done, which are described in the free online course, included with every Glint purchase.

It is easy to get your young students excited about Glint – the whole assembly process takes about 5-10 minutes and they can start exploring Glint right after that, no initial programming required. Glint comes with 3 pre-loaded programs, that are activated by push button presses.

And after the students finished having fun with pre-loaded programs, it is time to slowly transition them to graphical programming environment, Codecraft.

Glint supports both offline and online programming modes – offline mode allows user program to be uploaded to the device, after that Glint can be disconnected from the computer. Online mode involves continuous data exchange between Glint and computer, for example, for faster debugging or using together with Codecraft Stage mode, allowing creating interaction between Glint and a virtual world!


  • Elegant outer case, durable and dirt-resistant

Before assembly, the circuit is in a powered-off state, and students can see what is inside of the bracelet and with the help of an adult understand the hardware and its functions. After assembly, the main board is protected by the case, which makes it resistant to humidity and accidental damage.

  • High-quality RGB LEDs

All 12 RGB LEDs are high-quality diffuse light LEDs, the light is distributed more evenly, soft and easy on children’s eyes.

  • Carefully fine-tuned pre-set colors/ customization options

With a lot of products on the market, that feature RGB LEDs, users often do not get the desired color after setting it in the software (it looks different on the computer screen and in real life). 1.6+ million colors? Sounds cool for marketing purpose, but useless for the end-user. Glint software has 12 pre-set colors for RGB LEDs, carefully fine-tuned for actual LED color to match the color students see on the screen. Each LED brightness can be adjusted independently. With Glint, what you see is what you get!

  • Various built-in lighting animation sequences (more animations are gradually added)

No need to write complex light animation sequences by yourself, you can upload a variety of built-in animations directly to achieve impressive effects.

  • Push button + three-axis accelerometer interaction

The shape design of Glint is inspired by a classical “flying saucer shape”, which gives it mysterious and high-tech look. The “cargo space” in the middle of the disc is an interactive push button. Three-axis accelerometer can detect a variety of motions, for example, punch, shake, fall and so on.

  • USB Type-C for faster charging and data transfer

Type-C is the interface of the future and future, in the form of Glint, is here. USB type-C is the new standard and comparing to old micro-USB, it is more durable and safer for children to use. Glint’s 410 mAh battery can be fully charged within 1 hour.

  • Beyond wearable

Apart from standard bracelet form, Glint can easily be transformed into stylish medallion for you child to hang on the neck or a schoolbag. Or with the use of magnet it can be attached to metallic surfaces, such as fridge.

Expected release date for Glint is June, 2020. We will be publishing some more information about Glint, including sample lessons. Stay tuned for updates!

For more information on Glint, Grove Zero series, M.A.R.K. and other hardware for makers and STEM educators, visit our website,

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