MARK Kickstarter Update

BLOG UPDATE JULY 2020: You can now find MARK on our online shop

Over 650% funded, with 220+ backers! If you haven’t watched our Kickstarter Video yet, you’ll want to press play.

People love that our hands on kit is an AI enabled robot which has fun interactive features like recognizing pets, reading road signs and even aiming a slingshot. MARK stands for Make A Robot Kit.

The Kickstarter Team have also tagged us as a “Project We Love”!

It’s been just over a week since we launched!
Thank you to our community which has backed us on Kickstarter & messaged us with ideas & feedback to help us continually improve. We can’t wait to see what projects you create with your own MARK.

First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Since then we have reached our first stretch goal of $40,000 where we added not one but two extra grove sensors!

Next Stretch Goal Clue:

We haven’t announced it yet, but we have looked into on device training of custom image classification models! So this is going to be part of our next goal. Stay tuned for an update on this, better yet, follow our project on Kickstarter.

New video – Pet recognition!

This is footage we put together from when our family friends explored the Pet Recognition functionality of MARK. Enjoy!

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