An Example Lesson for Cubio, hands on coding robot

We have already published a preview article for TinkerGen’s new product – Cubio. It is a cute toy robot, designed to teach kids aged 4+ the programming and logical thinking. The main feature of Cubio is screen-free programming – all the lesson content is in the colorful books, you can find in Cubio’s box. And the control is done using command cards, like these ones.

In this article we’ll demonstrate how to use Cubio for one of the tasks described in the lesson book. The Cubio workflow consists of four steps:

  • Setting target tasks and making the map
  • Editing program with command cards
  • Reading and recording program with Cubio
  • Executing the program

Let’s have a look at the Game 14 in the Animal Kingdom Guidebook, the title of the lesson is “Sharing is caring”. On the first page we see the picture of the map for this lesson and a little short story behind it – which you can act out and tell your kid! There is a task description and a hint on which cards to use.

Next page contains the solution and the explanation – in case with lesson 14, the task teaches how to use IF condition together with AND operator – the action after DO card will only be done if two conditions are met.

Cubio makes learning programming and developing logical thinking skills enjoyable and easy for young kids, without adding to their screen time. Additional resources are available online for the parents in form of the videos for every lesson, but the videos are not a necessary part of the lesson and recommended to be used by parents to better explain the story and lesson content to their children.

Here is a video demonstration of content of lesson 14 – the English content for the lessons is being translated now and soon will be uploaded to, where you can browse it for free!

Cubio is available for purchase right now in TinkerGen online store or through one of our authorized resellers.

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