MARK 5011 Update Release – Faster and Prettier

Our Kickstarter campaign for Make A Robot Kit is finished after being more than 700% funded and we’re starting to ship first kits to backers. MARK is a long-term project for TinkerGen and we continue to develop and expand capabilities of MARK software and hardware.

Today we are releasing new feature update, 5011. It brings numerous changes, including:

  • full-screen machine vision functions and model inference
  • on-device model training support
  • support for multi-model inference
  • improved visual line following
  • multiple bug fixes and improvements

Full-screen machine vision functions and model inference. As you might have noticed in earlier videos, the image on MARK screen was cropped to 240×240 and horizontal – which was in all honesty a bit ugly. Our software development have optimized the image processing pipeline to output standardized 240×320 vertical image for all machine vision and model inference functions – and it is faster now too, marginal FPS increase is 20-30 percent!

On-device model training support. You can read in details about on-device training in this blog article. The example code usage is as follows:

Support for multi-model inference. We optimized the size of the pre-trained models and Micropython firmware memory consumption and now it is possible to run multiple pre-trained models at the same time. There are about 2500 Kb available for models in RAM, which means you can combine your models in following ways: traffic signs detection + zoo animals classification, traffic signs detection + number detection, common objects classification + zoo animals classification and so on. The memory consumption of the models is:

  • Traffic sign detection ~250 Kb
  • Zoo animals/Domestic animals/Common objects classification ~880 Kb
  • Numbers detection ~1900 Kb

If after uploading your code, which employs multiple model inference MARK becomes unresponsive, we suggest you try deleting one model from the code.

Improved visual line following. We updated the interface of visual line following making it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to understand.

The update is available to download from Codecraft at . Connect your MARK to computer and press the Connect button in Codecraft interface, then it will prompt you to update to latest firmware version.

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