Sharing the Making of Make A Robot Kit

During our Kickstarter, we received requests for MARKS in different colors, so we promised to share the MARK hood designs for backers to customize MARK into whatever color of PLA their heart desired.

Now, as we see how popular the Robotics Extension Pack Add on was – with it’s gripper & slingshot attachments. We are also sharing the design files for these parts, which you can customize for 3d printing or laser cutting respectively.

Design have been uploaded onto Thingiverse so we hope makers will iterate and share their makes with the community.

Click on the images to be taken to the Thing on Thingiverse (where files required for making are downloadable ).

Robot Gripper

Has attachment points for Ultrasonic Sensor & slot for Gripper Servo

Rubber Band Slingshot

For Assembly of Gripper & Rubber Band Slingshot, checkout our Youtube Video:


We’ve shared our original STL file for injection molding, but in with our friends & collaborators at JuniorIOT, who have done lots of printing tests, we are also sharing a custom support which reduces the amount of printing material used, as well enabling the hood to be printed right side up (looking good)!

We’ll share a bit more from JuniorIOT in an upcoming blog, they have also uploaded a make to Thingiverse of the hood design for smaller printer beds tested on their Prusa MK3 3d printer.

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