Seeed’s new Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino: the easiest way to get started

The Grove Beginner Kit is a Seeed product, TinkerGen’s parent company.

The Grove Beginner Kit consists of a single PCB that contains an Arduino and various components. The components are prewired to the Arduino, so it works out of the box. But of course, you can also take the modules out and use included Grove cables to connect the modules.

You can build any Arduino project you like with this Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. The kit contains an OLED screen, five sensors, and various actuators, like a button and a potentiometer.

This is game-changing for classrooms, where most of the time goes to fixing loose or incorrect wiring.

Lots of lessons and projects for Grove Beginner Kit are coming soon. You will go through every component on the board and even learn some basic electro mechanical principals.

And as expected, Grove Beginner Kit does support CodeCraft. This enhances it’s capabilities as an already exceptional educational tool.

You can purchase Grove Beginner Kit at Seeed’s website. In a short time, it will also be available in our store as well!

Read more at Seeed’s wiki and check out sample lesson on Make2Learn

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