MARK 5014 Update – Lego detection

As you might have seen in our newsletter, a new pre-trained model will be introduced in MARK next update (5014) – Lego detection model. This update is currently undergoing rigorous internal testing and will be published before the end of this week.

Originally we didn’t plan to make Lego detection a feature in update, but after trying out Lego detection and collection demos we decided it is too much fun to leave it only more advanced users who are able to train/upload their own custom neural network model to MARK. So, here it is – Lego detection for everyone!

Once you update MARK to 5014, the new model will be accessible at address 0x900000 – in order to use it, simply press on Add Extension in Codecraft, choose Custom Models and then left-click on Object detection model.

Fill in the model parameters as in the following screenshot and new Lego detection blocks are ready to be deployed in your code.

Read our article on Make2Learn for code samples – both for Codecraft and MicroPython. There are additional details in the article about how to train similar object detection models for those who are interested in more in-depth knowledge about neural networks training.

Lego detection model best works with brightly colored, bigger Lego bricks as seen in this video.

Execute Lego detection code on simple background, such as floor – far away brightly colored rectangular objects can trigger false detections.

Other important changes in 5014 update include:

  • re-worked logic of preloaded code, which can be accessed by pressing BOOT button two times
  • moved color recognition code from RGB to LAB space, improving its accuracy

By using LAB color space we have achieved better accuracy for color detection – although it is still important to remember, that environment illumination level greatly influences color detection algorithms. Make sure that you perform color detection in well lit environment!

By activating preloaded code, you can access to line following mode and traffic signs mode.

Turn on your MARK, once you will see our logo, simply press BOOT button twice. If you done everything correctly, you should be able to see number 2 at the top left corner.

Once you entered preloaded code, grab flashcards and MARK’s line following map. You can activate line following mode with green circle or traffic signs mode with forward line.

Try out the new firmware and tell us what you think!

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