Smart City Environment monitor + Bonus

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Originally posted on Make2Learn:

Materials Required: 

Grove Zero hardware

Grove Zero Bluetooth DongleX1
Grove Zero BatteryX1
Grove Zero Light SensorX1
Grove Zero MP3 PlayerX1
Grove Zero Sound SensorX1
Grove Zero Temperature SensorX1
RGB LED MatrixX1
3.5mm sound input playerX1

Other Materials:

  1. Tools: Ruler (20cm), pencil, craft knife, scissors, hot-glue gun(20w), Laser cutter

2. Accessory tools: paint(s), colored cardboard, colored pens, tubular rivets, Base board 

3. Materials: Acrylic board, wooden board

Programming software: 


Project Summary: 

In future cities, we will use Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, and Temperature Sensor to detect the environmental condition. And then send the data onto the RGB display.

If the data detected by Light Sensor is too high, the MP3 Player will play a warning prompt, indicating people to be careful of strong sun light and sun protection.

If the data detected by Sound Sensor is too high, then MP3 Player will prompt that noise is too high and people to close their doors and windows.

If the data detected by Temperature Sensor is too high, the MP3 Player will indicate temperature is high and warn for those who wish to go out. You can install the modules on tall buildings to collect the most accurate data information. 


A single Grove Zero module cannot implement the project. Only by combining the required modules and programming them accurately, we can achieve the capability we desire. Before we design the appearance for this project, we need to first write the program for the Grove Zero Bluetooth Dongle. 

1)Open Codecraft(;

Create a new project

All the blocks will be used in this project can be found here:

First, we will drag “When start” Block to coding area

Then add “Forever” block to the sequence. Next make the command that if the Light Sensor detects value more than 300, then the MP3 Player will play ‘soundtrack 1’. And RGB LED Matrix show string of Light Sensor light level. Check the complete program in below picture.

After we are finished with the program, we can upload the program to the Bluetooth Dongle.

Tutorial for connecting Main Board to PC: (

Tutorial for uploading: (

Make the appearance: 

Once we’ve finished with the program part, we can start on the appearance part. 

First download the DXF file from attachment. Use laser cutter on wooden boards to cut out the shapes based on the blueprint. Then prepare 4 acrylic boards with the length of 1cm smaller than the cut-out parts. Glue the acrylic boards on the cut-out parts. Then combine the boards together to a cuboid shape, and we will have the main building for this project. You can design the building with colors and any other tools you prefer. Last step is to stabilize the Grove Zero modules on the outside of the building. And voila! The monitoring system is complete. 

Finally, test out whether the Sensors, RBG LED matrix and MP3 player works properly. 

And we’ve successfully completed another project. 

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