New Codecraft 2.6 is already here!

Our main focus is to make our solutions more user-friendly and satisfy all users despite their previous experience in programming.
In this article we will show you main updates of the Codecraft 2.6 and guide you through the process of installing Codecraft Assistant on Linux system.

Here is a quick overview of the 2.6 update:

  1. Homepage optimizations
  2. Optimized the feedback system, file attachments and code submitting functions now available
  3. Added PC version download link
  4. Added dutch language support for Grove Zero
  5. Reworked footer of the main page
  6. Codecraft assistant now supports Linux system

Now let’s get a closer look at each improvement we made.

1. Whole new main page. On top you can find hardware options for programming. Below you can see your own projects, Codecraft courses, projects from Make2Learn, and lastly there are links for some of the supported hardware.

2. Added the current version number, and suggestions on how to describe the problem.
Added the file upload function for submitting the pictures, videos, ZIP/RAR files etc.
Added the function of submitting the current program.

3. Navigation bar -> click Help add download PC version

4. Grove Zero fully supports Dutch language, you can choose it by clicking the language menu on top left corner.

5. New footer consist of tabs: Language, Courses, Start Coding, Help and Account.

6. Now you can use Linux system to program with Codecraft

How to install and use Device Assistant for Linux:
Since Device Assistant needs superuser privileges to access serial ports, you need to perform the following steps to use Device Assistant in Linux:

1) Download .deb package from our website:

2) Install .deb package

2) Enter the following command in Terminal:

cd /opt/CodecraftAssistant && sudo ./cc-assistant

After you finished, simply connect the device with USB-cable to your computer and go to the Codecraft ( to write and upload your program!

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