Lessons preview for the Grove Beginner Kit

As you might saw previously in our blog we introduced Grove Beginner Kit. And we mentioned that there are lots of lessons and projects are coming soon. So now we finally glad to announce first course for the Grove Beginner Kit that includes 18 lessons and already available at Make2Learn.

Today we will take a closer look at two of these lessons.

In the lesson 9 “See the sound”, you will understand how the human ears can detect the sound and how does it correspond with the principles of every microphone that you can find.

And finally as it states in the lesson’s topic, you’ll get to the point where you literally “See the sound”. Thanks to the Codecraft built-in Serial plotter, we can display the sound signal from our sensor.

As the next step in this lesson, you will make simple interactions with the sound sensor values. We start with the simple example of triggering LED when sound value reaches certain number that we choose.

At the end you will meet with more complicated examples of interacting with sound sensor and learn how to properly use it in your future projects!

P.S. Lack of good ideas? Check out our project section at Make2Learn, where you always can find inspiration for your future creations!

Another lesson that we would have a peek today is “Humidity Control”.
At that lesson you would not only understand what humidity is, but will learn the basic principles of the humidifiers.

Moreover, at the end of the lesson you would build your own smart humidifier with unique UI! Modify it with some extra features to make it. even cooler.

You can purchase Grove Beginner Kit in our shop.

The full course with 18 lessons is available at Make2Learn.

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