The best of the 2020 from TinkerGen

Even 2020 was not full of great moments and brought us a lot of challenges, we still kept trying to bring something good for you all. Everything from a product to help kids to learn programming, up to the lessons or projects through of which you can teach your kids new skills of coding, robotics or even AI.

We decided to highlight our best product, lesson and project of 2020.

Product of the year: GameGo 

Since we released the GameGo, it has attracted tons of future game developers, enthusiast, educators and all these great people created a fan base around GameGo.

You can read more about that programmable gaming console in our previous post here.

Also, shop now, to enjoy special 10% off on our selected Product of the Year.

Lesson of the Year: Introduction to Arduino and Graphical Programming with Grove Beginner Kit 

In this course you will learn everything that you need to get familiar with Arduino.
Through this course, you will learning how to interact with most frequently used modules. Moreover, you will understand the principles of how these modules works and how does it correspond with nature implications of these “Sensors” (eg. human ears, eyes…).

You can found our awarded lesson at our Open Educational Platform – Make2Learn

Project of the Year: The 21st century’s Phonograph

In our project of making a phonograph we used Grove Zero modules to read the colors from the disc and play assigned notes. That project is great cause of it scalability. And we challenge YOU, to make a bigger version of the phonograph that can play longer oldies or even songs! Make sure to make some extra “discs” with different melodies.

Find detailed guidance to the phonograph in projects section on Make2Learn.

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