Glint, a programmable bracelet for STEM education

Glint is an upcoming product from TinkerGen Education. It is a wearable bracelet that allows creating projects with a lot of interactivity for young students, who are just starting out with graphical programming.Its interactive interface consists of 12 programmable RGB LEDs, a push button in the center and built-in accelerometer. Behind the simple, yet elegant… Read More Glint, a programmable bracelet for STEM education

Codecraft 2.5 Release Introduction

Codecraft is a graphical programming software suitable for students ages 6-18, who are learning to program. Codecraft is based on the Scratch 3.0 language and enables programming by simply “dragging and dropping” blocks. In addition to Scratch’s ability to program interactive games or animations, Codecraft also supports a variety of common hardware devices, enabling hardware and… Read More Codecraft 2.5 Release Introduction