Use Codecraft 2.5 New Interactive Lessons with M.A.R.K.

In this article we will show how to use one of the Codecraft 2.5 new features, namely interactive lessons, that blend seamlessly graphical programming environment with step-by-step tutorials and valuable knowledge. To get started, go to , Codecraft’s main page, where you will see a great range of lessons and courses you can try.… Read More Use Codecraft 2.5 New Interactive Lessons with M.A.R.K.

Virus Killer – Grove Zero Video Game

Originally appeared on In recent time, many parts of the world have released a series of protective measurements to fight against the intensive COVID-19 pandemic. One of their solutions is to stay home for keeping social distance. Undoubtedly, the virus becomes a common enemy for everyone. So, let’s make a game to ‘kill’ the… Read More Virus Killer – Grove Zero Video Game

Codecraft 2.5 Release Introduction

Codecraft is a graphical programming software suitable for students ages 6-18, who are learning to program. Codecraft is based on the Scratch 3.0 language and enables programming by simply “dragging and dropping” blocks. In addition to Scratch’s ability to program interactive games or animations, Codecraft also supports a variety of common hardware devices, enabling hardware and… Read More Codecraft 2.5 Release Introduction